Notes for WEFTEC

1. TheArt-of-Asking-ChatGPT-for-High-Quality-Answers.pdf (

2. Why Elon Musk left OpenAI? Conflict of interest? Or disagreement on open source?

3. ChatGPT-3 was trained on 570GB and 300 billion words; 

4. Cut-off date of September 2021

5. Clinical psychologist Eka Roivainen used the WAIS III to assess ChatGPT (assuming GPT-4): verbal IQ of 155 (P99. 987). GPT-4 had an IQ of 152 on a Verbal-Linguistic IQ Test via Prof David Rozado. This would place it in the 99.9th percentile.

6.  Word by word, token by token, It adds a “token” each time, a word or a part of a word, so it can make up words that don't exist. a “reasonable continuation”

7. Train ChatGPT using your own database

8. API, integrate ChatGPT into our own applications.

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